Choosing a Company Name – How to Start a Business

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Choosing a Company Name – How to Start a Business

by Christopher J.

Choosing a Company Name

Choosing a company name is one of the most important things you’ll do when starting a business. A good business name can stand on its own and attract customers. Talk with your family, friends or colleagues to help you come up with some creative names. When brainstorming a name here are a few things to consider:

Choosing a Company Name

Choosing a Company Name

Make it Catchy & Simple

Create a name that is unique for customers to remember you by. It must be simple to pronounce and easy to write. A simple catchy name is ideal to communicate when customers are looking for you.

Create Visual Recognition

Many people visualize a name when they hear or read it. Choosing a business name that creates an image in a customer’s mind is a wonderful aid to memory and a powerful marketing tool. Choosing a name that creates visual recognition can lend a hand to branding your company or product.

Bring a Positive Vibe

People associate to words both emotionally and literally. Use words in your company name that positively invoke your company image. For example, “Tiny Tow Truck Service” would probably not be an ideal name for a towing company, just as “Strong Man Dentistry” doesn’t sound very comforting. A good example of a business name with a positive emphasis and creates visual recognition would be something like “Armstrong Towing.”

Describes Your Business

Choose a name that gives your customers some clue about what your business does. Unless you intend on becoming a global brand, names like “Nike” or “Walmart” aren’t ideal. A good example is “LendingTree” or “Bankrate,” which obviously portrays their businesses to be in the lending or financial industries. This is why many electricians would use the word “electrical” in their company name.

Keep it Short

Keep your business name short so that it will fit on your stationery and marketing material. A business name no more than 30 characters is also ideal for a domain name and online search optimization.

Before you get your heart set on a name, do a name search on your state secretary’s website to make sure it isn’t already taken. For example if you lived in the state of South Carolina you would search online for “South Carolina State Secretary.” Once on the website you would look for a section indicating Corporation or Business Entity search or similar. Then you’d enter your desired business name and submit search.

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