Why Social Media Is Important for Customer Service

April 16, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business Advertising

Why Social Media Is Important for Customer Service

by Joshua Danton Boyd

The internet is an integral part of nearly all business nowadays and that has brought another point of contact for

Why Social Media Is Important for Customer Service

Why Social Media Is Important for Customer Service

companies. In fact, it has opened up an area where customers can talk about your company to thousands of people through social platforms without involving you directly. The internet is not just your website or an email address, there is a whole section out there on social sites which you need to be paying attention to. Neglect and you could cause big problems for your business.

Most people nowadays use social media whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. They use it to document the most minuscule parts of their lives to the most important ones and everything in between. Now, people enjoy a good rant here and there and an easy way to get ammunition for that is by experiencing some poor customer service. It could be a rude shop assistant or a disinterested call centre worker, it doesn’t matter, if they haven’t done the job expected of them, people will complain. This used to be constrained to a bit of a moaning to some mates over a drink or possibly an angry letter. Now though, people can tell their story to thousands in an instance and it can be easily shared further. As you can imagine, this has big consequences for a company’s reputation.

There is one upside to this though. In most cases, especially with Twitter, people will complain publicly, but it will be directed to the company’s Twitter account. This now gives the business a perfect chance to rectify the problem in public and turn some bad publicity into some great publicity. If done right it can be a great PR coup. The thing is, if you don’t have an account or, even worse, an account you never check or use, this chance to keep a customer and possibly gain more will be lost. The complaint will just end up festering on a social network and if you’re not active on there, you might not find out about it until it’s too late.

So, it’s clear that if you don’t take control of your social media presence you’re missing out on a trick in regards to customer service. You need to have accounts that are active and engaging. Not only does that look good anyway, but it could save you a lot of trouble. Also, it’s important as it works as another way for people to contact you about a problem. People expect quick responses with social media and you need to be able to offer that. Even if you can’t solve the problem instantly, just being able to tell your customer that you’re looking into it can avoid them going into full public complaining mode.

These accounts are not difficult to set up and, for the most part, do not take up too much time. The amount of involvement you put in is up to you. Some companies just keep them ticking over while others invest a lot more. Decide what is best for you, but always be available through them when your customers want to get in touch. You’ll start to see the benefits very quickly.

Joshua Danton Boyd is an expert in customer services including Halifax customer service.

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