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Exchanging Links / Building Website Rankings

Having a website that is properly done from an SEO standpoint along with a great design is just on step in being successful online the next step is what I will go over in this article.

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Incoming links to your website are almost as important as having a website properly organically optimized, so let’s take some time to discuss the proper way to build incoming links. The most widely used by most directories is where the directory links to you and you must in turn link back to the directory from the same page so they can find their links easily, well this will not benefit you if the page you are getting a link from has no ranking but will benefit the other site if your page has ranking.
What I usually try to do if I am doing a link by which I must provide one back is going with websites that will do a three way link. Here is how that works:

  1. You provide a link to site A
  2. They provide you a link from site B which would be another site which they probably own.

With this type of linking both site are getting an incoming link and as such both will be gaining PR which means page rank.
Why do you need to build incoming links?
In most cases I have found that if you want to build a web business beyond local and regional searches you will find that competition gets pretty tough for relevant keywords and higher rankings can only be attained by a website with more incoming links from relevant websites.

What are relevant websites?
Basically a website that provides a similar service as yourself, Sites that are not similar are usually discounted as not usable links and provide no value to your website. Obtaining good links can easily be attained by posting comment on blog and incorporating your link at the end of good comments but do not just put a comment solely to obtain links as those comments usually get deleted as spam. Other ways of building links is though directories and we have several that can be found under the services link.

What other ways are there to build quality incoming links?
Another way to build incoming links is providing quality content on your website that other people with website like or find useful. Do not copy content as usually the serps will eventually realize this and your website or those pages may never get indexed. Good content is fresh content, original work so it is important to either have someone that works for you or do it yourself but take the time to write fresh content for your website.

Additionally it is essential to the ability for your customers or clients to interact with you or your website which can be easily done through twitter or facebook which can easily be incorporated into your website with plugins that both services offer or we can set-up and install networking features for you.

Below you will find a couple of our directories where you can exchange links with – A high ranking business directory – Our Business Directory

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