Women’s Franchising Opportunities

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Women’s Franchising Opportunities

by Robert Fogarty

Are you a woman ready to get out into the world and be her own boss? Do you dream of living the life of your employer…

Women's Franchising Opportunities

Women’s Franchising Opportunities

vacations on the beach and answering to nobody but yourself? There are wonderful women’s franchising opportunities available out there just for you! The trick is to know how to get into the action.

Franchising is a great source of income for women because it allows them the opportunity to be their own boss while also letting them choose their own hours and schedules. While some women might prefer the hopping night life and would love to be a part of an overnight franchise, other women might just prefer being in regular nine to five jobs so they can go home and relax with their family in the evening.

If you’re a woman thinking of investing in one of the many number of franchising opportunities on the market, and many quick serve restaurant franchises are available which would be great investments such as Dunkin Donuts, here are a few other ideas to consider:

1. Daycare

2. Work at home

3. Health and Beauty

4. Tax Services

Daycares allow women many opportunities to work traditional hours and still do something they love. Owning a daycare, especially if you are a mother of small children, also means you can bring your child to work and not worry about finding a sitter. However, the initial costs of a daycare franchise can be a little higher on the scale. There are numerous things to consider with a daycare such as background checks on staff members, liability and insurance in case of injury, and will you cook on site or just offer small snacks? Not to mention the playground equipment, toys and educational material and health supplies (such as diapers) you will need. Don’t let this deter you, though. A daycare franchise can be a fantastic way to work and help other working parents out as well, especially if you decide to keep hours that go outside those traditional nine to five schedules.

Working at home is another investment many women choose to be a part of. While some women prefer to get dressed to the ninths and be out there in the corporate world making a name for themselves in heels and skirts, other women work much better being at home with a cup of coffee and some comfortable sweats. Neither of these is wrong, by any means, they are just very different from each other. There are many work at home opportunities out there for women such as Avon or Tupperware as well as many medical and non-medical home care opportunities. While not as easy as purchasing a franchise location, working from home has other fringe benefits.

Health and beauty franchises offer women the chance to get out and meet other women in a casual environment. Owning a beauty shop franchise usually has a large clientele and allows you the chance to work outside the home and meet new people. If you have a hair stylists license this might be the franchise to look into.

Also, for those of us who prefer to work with numbers, there are tax services franchising opportunities available for you. These are excellent franchises to be a part of because there are no severe health and safety regulations to worry about, such as daycare and food service, and you get to really out your mind to use. Plus, you know it will never go out of business.

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